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My name is Eric Olson, and I LOVE helping people. I’m the founder of Olson Superior Plumbing, a leading plumbing company in Orange County, California. 

I say this often to my team, 

“only friends and family are invited into someone’s home… and today they are bringing in a plumber. You may enter in as the plumber, but you shouldn’t leave as one.”

Plumbing issues can invite all sorts of problems from water damage and unexpected expenses to stress and anxiety. I believe we are called to be more than excellent plumbers… we are called to be peacemakers. 

Being invited into a customer’s home is a unique opportunity for us to resolve plumbing needs and also showcase genuine care for our customers.

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with thousands of families in Orange County. It’s an honor to connect with our community. We hope to establish relationships that last a lifetime. 

We love people and we love what we do… always in that order. 

Eric Olson, Master Plumber 


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Professional Pool Cleaning and Repair - 949.837.8940

We Care, you are not dependent on us, we are dependent on you.

Mission Pool & Spa Supplies is THE oldest pool supply store in all of Orange County and Los Angeles County. We have been in business 65 years…thanks to YOU! We offer installation and repair of all major swimming pool equipment. We repair all major brands. We offer monthly pool cleaning service and vacation pool cleaning service. We do minor deck work, mastic and install handrails. We can offer referrals for FREE re-plaster estimates, tile replacement and skimmer work. We have a full retail store with chemicals, cleaning accessories, automatic pool cleaners, toys and games. We have a stocked parts department and are known for being able to procure hard-to-find parts. We offer free water testing in-store. We offer FREE in-store repairs on automatic pool cleaners and FREE pool cleaner inspections. Let us serve you for all of your pool and spa needs. We even do fountain service. Whether its residential or commercial, Mission pool & Spa will exceed your expectations. At Mission Pool & Spa, its Our MISSION to Care.

Please contact us and let us know what you would like to achieve. Together we will get it done!

We’re faucet people.


Well, not literally. We’re regular people, but like, the kind that are really into faucets.


Innovation with You in Mind.


We’ve been making plumbing fixtures for over 100 years, so we know a few things about how to get water right where you want it. We were the first to market a lot of innovations that are standard today, and we have the awards to show for it.

But the whole regular people thing is the true key to our success. Because faucets are a part of our real, everyday lives, just like they're part of yours.

We know what you want out of a faucet because we know what we want out of a faucet. And because we're faucet people, we know how to make that happen—beautifully, reliably, and affordably.

We came up with a faucet that filters out contaminants because we know it's just easier to fill your glass at the sink.

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